Studio Art Generation specializes in web design services for small businesses and entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur or business owner, I'm sure you're constantly asked if you have a web site. It can be embarrassing to reply "not yet". So now you're determined to get your business on the web; don't worry you've come to the right place.

Our emphasis is on helping you present your business on the web.
Our service are designed to get your small business on-line, quickly and inexpensively, with a clean professional look.

We can help you manage all aspects of your web presence web solution. We offer professionally designed, inexpensive web solutions including web site design, graphic design, hosting, web site promotion, maintenance and domain name registration.

Do you take your web site seriously? In many cases, your web site sets the first impression of your company. It can either add or take away your companyĚs credibility. If your web site isnĚt leaving the type of impression you want for your company maybe it is time to ask a few hard questions.

Want to know how your web site stacks up? Can you be objective? Start by asking yourself these questions and be totally honest’

  • Based on my web site, would I say this is a reputable company?
  • Would I trust and be willing to buy from this company?
  • Is this web site up to date and well maintained?
  • If I was a new buyer would I say it is easy to find what I need on this web site?

If the answer is "no" to any of these questions you are probably losing business. In extreme cases a web site can be so bad it actually helps the competition. If you are losing business, click here to contact us and we can help you get that business back.

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Services Offered:

•  Web Site Design or Redesign
•  Ongoing Web Site Maintenance
•  Database-Driven Web Sites
•  Shopping Carts
•  E-commerce Web Sites
•  Affiliate Tracking
•  HTML Programming
•  Optimized Web Graphics
•  Internet Consulting
•  Streaming Audio & Video
•  Content Management
•  Domain Name Registration
•  Web Hosting
•  Search Engine Optimization
•  Meta Tags and Key Words
•  Search Engine Submissions
•  Web Site Promotion
•  Web Site Marketing
•  Letterhead, Business Cards
•  Brochures and Newsletters
•  Logo Design
•  Web Buttons & Banners

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